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CPI Investigates Milwaukee’s Famous Brumder Mansion

Chicago Paranormal Investigators (CPI) Dave Olson and Victor Castro along with Joe Couto from the Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators (NAPI) conducted a three-day examination of all the floors of the famous Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from December 28-30, 2012.

George Brumder (May 24, 1839 – May 9, 1910) was a very successful German-American newspaper publisher and businessman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He built a very gothic, four-story, brick mansion that has since become glorious bed and breakfast. It is also known to be quite haunted. There were a wide variety of paranormal incidents captured by CPI in the three days of our 2012 investigation. Our stationary digital voice recorder captured one unexplained voice in the basement that seems to be shouting, “Go away!” Here’s our field recording. What do you think?

We also used a our camcorder and a digital voice recorder to capture two unexplained voices which appear to be answering one of our questions with a firm statement, “No.”

There were more unexplained voices captured in the basement. During the investigation, our stationary digital voice recorder picked up several more instances including a clear instance of a ghostly voice saying a name, “Samantha Micheal.” We also picked up some melodic humming and another male voice talking over us, provided here for your review on the following clip:

The basement catacombs of Milwaukee’s infamous Brumder Mansion are fertile grounds for capturing electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Here is another example of some EVPs we collected with our stationary digital voice recorder:

We spent two more days working our way up throughout the mansion capturing phenomena from the 2nd Floor Gold Suite and the Gold Suite Bathroom, the 3rd floor ‘Blue Room.’ We were accompanied by the famous psychic medium, LoriAnn Manns (seated in the chair), who was acting as a facilitator and an interpreter helping us to bridge the gap between us and the many spirits present in the mansion. We recorded numerous instances of vocalizations saying things like, “Get out of chair.” Another instance of an EVP we captured was a very faint female voice telling us, “We did,” or “We did it.”

In another instance we were told, “Get out of my room!” These EVPs confirmed what psychic medium LoriAnn told us she felt during a walk-through investigation the night before. During a solo EVP session in the Gold Suite bathroom by our guest investigator, our stationary camcorder captured an unexplained female voice. This spirit voice answered a question the guest investigator asked moments earlier.

During an EVP Ghost Box Session on the 3rd floor “Blue Room,” our camcorder captured some unexplained voices coming from the Ghost Box.

Chicago Paranormal Investigators at the Brumder Mansion utilized a stationary, full-spectrum camcorder to capture this unexplained male voice whispering, “My Name Is Joseph.” This cam was located on the 3rd floor pointing down the stairs:

While setting up equipment in the 3rd Floor Marion Suite, our deep infrared camcorder captured the following unexplained whispering voice.




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