Chicago Paranormal Investigator Dave Olson

Founder & Lead Investigator of CPI
(Technical & EVP Specialist)

A Police Officer in the Chicago area since 1991, Dave Olson has worked for the City Colleges as a Lead Security Officer since 1994.

As a police officer, he has been assigned to Street Patrol, Tactical & Gang units, Tech Specialist for the city surveillance cameras and currently assigned at the O’Hare Airport. Dave has been fascinated with the paranormal for many years and formed a team of investigators to assist people in need due to unexplained phenomena’s and to document the existence of paranormal activity using the latest technology in this field.
Chicago Paranormal Investigator Annette

(Investigator & Researcher)

Annette has been doing paranormal investigations since 2012. Her first experience with the paranormal occurred when she was a child.

Her grandfather had passed away in the same house that she lived in and she always felt his presence in the basement of her house. She would feel as if he was following her. Ironically, she says his favorite spot, when he was alive, was the basement. He would often be tinkering and doing projects down there.Her interest in ghosts and paranormal events increased over the years. She has done many public and private investigations. During these investigations, she has experienced seeing shadows of figures and captured Class A EVPs on recording devices and cameras. Lastly, she loves researching and learning about the history of the buildings and people she investigates. She believes there is a spiritual connection between the past and present. “Everything in our world and beyond has a story to tell.”
Chicago Paranormal Investigator Liz de Kanter


Liz has always believed in the paranormal. And remembers when she was 7 or 8, hearing a voice from her father’s closet say, “Hey!” Two years ago, she slept in that room and got a recording of the same voice, again saying “Hey!”

“My first dabble in Ghost Hunting was again, two years ago through a Groupon. I was somewhat skeptical when following a group of other ticket holders, led by a Chicago Paranormal group leader. This leader, seeing that I was not being included in the group, took me aside and asked if I wanted to try using dousing rods. Again, I was skeptical when he started asking questions. I knew I wanted to communicate with my father, who had passed in 1998. The dousing rods moved accordingly to my questions, but I believed that the GH member was somehow controlling them with a magnet or something. He left me alone and I was able to communicate with the dousing rods, feeling confused and not really sure if what was happening was real or not. He returned, and I joined the group again.”

In her own words, this is what made her a true believer…

When I joined the group, I was in a daze, a sense of disbelief that this could possibly be real. Someone was holding the SB7 spirit box, and a voice came through saying “Jeff.” That was the name of my boyfriend at that time. I perked up and thought “Whoa! Maybe there’s a message for Jeff!” Seconds later a voice said, “Relax,” and I thought…” Well, we have been arguing a lot, and maybe we need to relax a bit.” Again… seconds later a male voice said “Liz.” I knew that this was a message from my father. I told the group that I believed it was my father communicating with me. They asked if it was my father.

The answer was “Si”. That means “yes” in Spanish. This is remarkable, because that sealed and delivered the truth that it was my father. You see… I was born and raised in Spain and lived there until I was 18. No one, not even Groupon or these GH’s could possibly know I was from Spain at that time, or that I was fluent in Spanish. My father said “Si” to prove that it was him communicating with me.

Since then, I have been using dousing rods to communicate with my father and now my mother who died in November 2013. I have endless EVPS to questions I have asked when using my dousing rods at home or elsewhere. A compelling one is of my father saying “I Love You Liz,” after I asked him to tell me that he loves me.

I have been asked to read (using my dousing rods) for several friends wanting to communicate with their loved ones. I believe my father helps bring them forward, and I do my best to relay their message of love.

All this propelled me to search trustworthy fellow Ghost Hunters, and I am truly blessed that I am now part of CPI. Thanks to Jen and Dave!

Dave takes this very seriously and anyone who ghost hunts, should as well. Not to say we don’t have a good time, but our purpose is to gather evidence and be honest with our findings. If we’re lucky to help those (ghosts) seeking peace or those (humans) fearing their ghosts, then we have done a good job.

Chicago Paranormal Investigator Chris Medina


Chris has experienced the paranormal as far back as around a year old. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

His family moved around a lot as he grew up and he had a chance to live in older neighborhoods with very interesting apartments. Not all of them had paranormal things happening. He says he had experiences in 60% of them. Most of them happened with his older brother so in looking back, he feels they have been validated.

“I have had paranormal experiences all the way up to the present. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal along with the UFO phenomenon and the mystery behind the great pyramids and the Sumerian history. It wasn’t until my old friend Dave Olson had founded CPI, that I really felt it was OK to believe in the paranormal openly amongst my peers. When I finally did my first hunt with Dave, I’ve been with CPI ever since.”

Even though he believes with my whole heart that ghosts exist, he still wants to debunk every shred of evidence we have. Knowing it can be explained means there’s a possibility that it’s not authentic . And if you cannot debunk evidence you have collected, knowing that it is legit, then you have something special.

  • Marine Corps, 1993 – 1997, Motor Transportation Operator, Cpl. Spent 3 years over seas in Okinawa, Japan.
  • Illinois Dept of Transportation, Highway Maintainer, Truck Driver, Chicago area 2002 – present.
  • Hobbies: Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter/Hunter/Archery/Deer

Chicago Paranormal Investigator Matt Perry

(Investigator & Tech Specialist)

Matthew is a veteran firefighter with the Chicago Fire Department where he currently holds the position of Lieutenant.

Matthew has been interested in the paranormal for years, and believes there are things that cannot be explained, but must first be examined thoroughly before one could arrive at the conclusion that it is paranormal. He currently works with Dave Olson on the Chicago Paranormal Investigators team, helping to answer the questions people seek from their experiences in what they believe to be paranormal. As a member of this team Matt contributes by using his knowledge of architecture, building construction and people skills to reach a plausible explanation of what has been reported or witnessed.

Throughout more than two decades with the Chicago Fire Department, Matthew has developed knowledge and skills from both the extensive department training and experiences on the job. He is also trained as an Emergency Medical Technician which gives him a keen ability to read people. In addition to his years on the Fire Department, which has placed him in buildings of all types and sizes, he also has 20+ years experience in construction with a specialty in heating and air conditioning.

In his free time Matt loves to explore his beautiful city on his motorcycle, visit the lakefront and take in historical sites in the area. While on vacation, it is not uncommon to wander around an old cemetery or two…

Chicago Paranormal Investigator Amber Therese


Amber has been pursuing the paranormal for over 15 years. However, her interest began as a young child when her mother would tell stories of her brother being visited by her grandfather who had passed.

“I was always a little curious as to what happened after you left this world and I did a bit of experimenting as the years passed. In 2000, I was living in an apartment in the Chicago area and woke to see someone standing in my bedroom doorway. I could just see the dark shadow outline of a person. I lived by myself but had a friend spending the night in the other room. I assumed that is who it was and told him I was awake, no response. I repeated that I was awake again no response and it disappeared.

I immediately got up and went to ask my friend what he needed but instead found him sound asleep all wrapped up like he hadn’t moved in a long time. This got me seriously looking into the paranormal, trying to figure out what happened that night. Since then, I have had many experiences including seeing an apparition of a man in an old jail in Indiana. As my paranormal interest became serious I found myself being lucky enough to become a member of Dave’s team.”

During the day Amber is a kindergarten teacher. She is a very intuitive person and her background with children is extremely helpful when dealing with spirits of children while out in the field. To do her job she needs to have patience, creativity, and flexibility, all of which are very important on an investigation. People also like to open up to her about their experiences and things that have happened to them.

“It is very important to make the owners of the location feel comfortable with us. I have found the spirits of children are often drawn to me. There have been many times when I am doing a spirit box session or when listening to back to EVP’s that I get the word “Mommy.” We have also had luck while investigating a hotel in Wisconsin where what we believed to be a spirit of a child came to me while using Dave’s Kinect system.

I feel confident in using the equipment and have had many experiences and gathered much evidence which leads me to believe that there is definitely something beyond our world. Too much has happened to deny it. There is a lot of debunking to be done before we can get to that final piece of evidence but when we do it is an amazing feeling and a step closer to figuring out what happens when we leave here.”