Here’s some of the essential gear that we use to investigate the paranormal, collect evidence, and hunt for ghosts.

Chicago Paranormal Investigators

Our tool boxes and van carry a variety of ghost hunting equipment and gear for paranormal investigators: EMF Meters, Full Spectrum Cams, EVP Recorders, TriField Meters, Laser Grids,  Motion Sensors, Infrared Lighting, 4K Ultra HD video camcorders and extensive cable connection capacity.

CPI Paranormal Equipment:

  1. EM Pumps (Energy Pumps) battery powered & electric
  2. Laser Grids
  3. Geo Phone – Vibration Detector
  4. Thermal Imaging Cameras (DVR & Hand Held)
  5. XCam SLS – Structured Light Sensor
  6. Kinect Sensor
  7. Kinect One Sensor
  8. Digital Dowsing Paranormal Puck 2, Ovilus II and Ovilus V
  9. (1) 3DR Solo Drone
  10. Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Cannon EOS Rebel T3 Full Spectrum
  11. IR & Full Spectrum Illuminators / Lighting
  12. IR & Full Spectrum DVR Cams
  13. Sony Night Shot IR Handy Cams
    (2) Sony 4K FDR-AX53
    (2) Sony HD AVCHD HDR – XR200
    (1) Sony DCR-SX45 Full Spectrum
    (4) Full Spectrum GoPro Cameras
    (2) GoPro Cameras (3 & 4)
  14. REM Pods
  15. EDI Meters
  16. MEL – 8704 – Rem Meters
  17. (2) P-SB7 Spirit/Ghost Box
  18. SBox Spirit/Ghost Box
  19. P-SB11 Rem Spirit/Ghost Box
  20. The Portal System
  21. TriField Natural EM Meter
  22. TriField Meter Model 100XE
  23. K2 Meters
  24. Sensored Teddy Bear & Dog stuffed animals