Real Photos of the Paranormal

CPI has been lucky to capture so many astounding photos of full-bodied apparitions and other paranormal anomalies. These are some of our most talked about and favorite photos from actual paranormal investigations. 

Featured investigations

Some of CPI’s most infamous and talked about investigations included some incredible evidence of the paranormal. From full-bodied apparitions to objects being thrown to crystal clear EVPs, these are some of our favorite investigations. 

The Congress Theater - Chicago, IL

Chicago Paranormal Investigators explored and investigated this historic Chicago theater in 2011 and 2014, capturing ghostly orbs, threatening EVPs, and numerous disembodied voices.

Casa Madrid - Melrose Park, IL

This  CPI investigation of an old Chicago Mob hangout was featured on the Bio Channel’s “My Ghost Story”. We captured objects being thrown by an unseen force, a massive shadow figure, and many disembodied voices.

The Karsten Hotel - Kewaunee, WI

Our investigation of The Karsten Hotel was featured on WBay Channel 2 News after a 2-day investigation where we captured equipment being thrown by an unseen force, intelligent orbs, and mysterious EVPs. 

Brumder Mansion - Milwaukee, WI

Chicago Paranormal Investigators (CPI) Dave Olson and Victor Castro along with Joe Couto from the Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators (NAPI) conducted a three-day examination of all the floors of the famous Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from December 28-30, 2012.

Lake County Jail - Crown Point, IN

CPI investigated the Lake County Sheriff’s House & Jail in Crown Point, IN. John Dillinger escaped from this infamous location in 1934. 

Abandoned Police Station - Chicago, IL

In 2012, CPI investigated an abandoned Chicago police station and captured EVP’s, light anomalies, and unexplained voices. 



Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – the process of capturing and hearing audible voices of potential spirits or other paranormal sources using electronic equipment.

shadow figure

An unexplained dark, shadow-like humanoid figure that appears without an explained lighting source or shadow cast. Sometimes referred to as “Shadow People”.

light anomaly

Unexplained orb, ball of light, streak of light, or flash that is not caused by dust, insects, or reflections. Some may appear intelligent with intentional movements. 


A ghost-like image that appears without reasonable explanation. May be full or partial bodied, or may appear as a mist-like shape. Believed to be a visible spirit.


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